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Yonex VCore Game Tennis Racket (Customised Restring) Flame Red
Yonex VCore Game Tennis Racket (Customised Restring) Flame Red
( ** Manufacturer supplies racket unstrung ** )

£ 73.39
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Choose your personalised string, or racket will be supplied unstrung


Mains String Tension (Applicable to personalised strings only)


Crosses String Tension (Applicable to personalised strings only)


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  •   270g
  •   100" Head Size
  •   Made in China
  •   Balance Point 330mm
  •   16x19 String Pattern


Weight 270 g
Length 27 mm
Head Size 100 sq/in
Balance 330 mm
Construction HM Graphite/Nanometric XT/Nanomesh Neo


Yonex VCore Game Tennis Racket, light, explosive racket with spin and power.

Material: HM Graphite, Nanometric XT, Namd.

Recommended string: Polytour Drive, Dynawire.

Aero Trench – For easy manoeuvrability. An innovative design created to reduce air resistance by shielding the grommets at the top of the frame for faster swing speeds. This makes the racket 11% more aerodynamic.

Isometric -Isometric racket shape. For enhanced sweet spot. A square-shaped isometric racket generates a 7% larger sweet spot for greater control without sacrificing power.

Liner Tech – For increased ball pocketing. Newly engineered straight hole grommets allow for more string movement on the outer areas of the racket to increase spin. This gives more contact time between the ball and the string bed.

New Aero Fin – A faster frame for more spin. EnhancedAero Fin technology above the throat creates a faster, thinner frame for increased ball-pocketing.

Namd Graphite Frame – For ball-crushing spin. Grip the ball and fire-off aggressive, attacking spin with Namd, a revolutionary graphite with unique flex and fast frame snapback.


Other Information
Aero Fin
Fins molded into the top of the frame reduce air resistance and improve swing speeds.
Aero Fin
Aerodynamic fins that were featured in the VCORE SV have also been upgraded and positioned towards the bottom of the VCORE’s frame. The new Aero Fins are strategically carved out sections that allow for improved maneuverability.
Aero Trench
To achieve faster head speeds for increased spin potential, the new Aero Trench reduces drag by uniquely hiding the grommets located at the top of the racquet frame.
The ISOMETRIC™ equalizes the length of the main and cross strings in the string-bed, enlarging the sweet spot for more consistent accuracy even on off-centre hits.
Liner Tech
By dramatically reducing the string entry angles in select grommets, the outer main strings are elongated to produce a wider sweet spot, providing greater snapback. With added string movement, players can grab the ball to apply extra spin.
Some Yonex rackets include this world’s-first, new dimension graphite material, Namd, which greatly improves the adhesion of the graphite fibers and resin by attaching nanomaterial directly to the graphite fiber.
In high performance racquets, it is common to combine nanomaterials with resin that connects graphite fibers, but in Namd, nanomaterials are directly adhered to the graphite fibers and resin is greatly increased. This major improvement produces a shaft that flexes and stores energy, delivering explosive force on impact with the shuttle.
NANOMETRIC* improves the bonding strength between the carbon fibres enabling us to take racquet shaft construction to another level. By reducing the amount of carbon in the shaft to make it 60%* thinner than a conventional racquet whilst retaining stiffness, YONEX has created a revolutionary lightweight racquet with lightening head speed and control.

*NANOMETRIC is the new material which applies the NANOALLOYTM Technology of Toray Industries, Inc.

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